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What's New?

Here's the long-promised "The Last Man to LIve Forever." It started out as a stand-alone, but we realized it would fit into "The Seal of Kunduon," so we've adapted it. And because it's now part of the novel, we won't be seeking to publish it in a print or online magazine.

It's been a year since we distributed "Clues" and it's not techically "new" anymore, so it's been banished to the "Clues" folder.

"The Silver Splitter," is still moving forward, and here's an old tune, "Blue Print Dress."

"Royal We," is the last poem we've written that we can show you because we're going to try to sell "Whips in the Temple," and "Green Bead," first.

We're about to dive into another, possibly final, draft of "The Promise of Swimming."

Here's our latest website for the Highland Senior Service Center (work in progress).

There's a new post in our choral pages, "Tantum Ergo," and a story about singing at Notre Dame Cathedral, too.

And even more coming soon . . .



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