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What's New

What's New?

Here's a new version of "The Promise of Swimming," with a lot of stuff about Beth at the end; a new short story, a selection from "The Seal of Kunduon," "The Leaf and Pig,"

And yet another new story, "A Heart Shaped Rock."

Here's a current project page for "The Silver Splitter,"

And "A Prepper's Dream (Always Be a Sap for You)." It'll be cleaned up after we can remember all the words.

Here's our new Martial Arts section; Who wants to learn Tai-Chi?

Inspired by YouTube views of Tom Hank's "Greyhound," here's a screenplay in progress, "Torpedo Junction,"

And a new website,, we've built for a very promising young photographer, Michael Dylan Anderson; he's now developing the site, and it looks terrific.

Chris HAD BEEN kicked off Facebook. You can read all the gory details in our Facebook status. However, he is now BACK ON facebook, SIMPLY to highlight the non-social media ways we prefer to be contacted--


Picture of Napa vineyard in Autumn