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What's New

What's New?

Here's a new (old) poem, "Games of Innocence," published in the College of Marin "Mariner" in 1970. You needn't worry about what it means, Chris was still going through puberty at 20-years-old (and didn't shave everyday until he was 30!)

Pumpkin Ridge has been moved to the Poetry Page.

Here's a new short story, a selection from "The Seal of Kunduon," "The Leaf and Pig."

And another new story, A Heart Shaped Rock."

The casting and crowd-funding Perks pages for "The Silver Splitter" have been moved to their folder.

Here's "A Prepper's Dream (Always Be a Sap for You)." It'll be cleaned up after we can remember all the words.

Here's our new Martial Arts secdtion; Who wants to learn Tai-Chi? Chris continues to workout daily,

Here's a new version of "The Promise of Swimming," with a nugget from Chris, Chapter Eleven: Age is Just a Number.

Inspired by YouTube views of Tom Hank's "Greyhound," here's a screenplay in progress, "Torpedo Junction,"

And a new website,, we've built for a very promising young photographer, Michael Dylan Anderson; he's now developing the site, and it looks terrific.

Chris has been kicked off Facebook. You can read all the gory details in our Facebook status.


Chelsey's crayon drawing