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Due to a recent pandemic-related hike in blood pressure--too much beer and pizza, not enough working out--Chris has re-committed to 20+ years of intensive martial arts training and practice, performing Yang Tai-Chi regularly in his grassy front yard.

We'd like to find someone vaccinated to push hands with and continue exploring Tai-Chi Chin Na.

There (was) a Sifu teaching Gung-Fu in the Community Center, but we''d like to work with just a couple people at the most until the pandemic wanes.

So, here's a pic of the man who gave me my black belt, Sensei Ralph Rhoads, breaking 750 lbs. of ice with his fist at Bechtel Plaza in San Francisco. He also demonstrated Karate for many years at the Marin County Fair. His Dojo is in the Enshin folder.

I spent five very happy and productive years in his dojo before Sensei moved to Arizona.

Enshin Karate was developed by Kancho Joko Ninomiya, who won the 1978 All Japan Karate do Championship.

I've also included links to my Tai-Chi, Aikido, and Kajukenbo training, including Sensei Don Buck's School of the Tiger Kyokushinkai dojo where I started.

There's a video of Chris demonstrating karate in Japantown for the 2000 Cherry Blossom Festival for Sensei Naohiro Tomiyama, who finished second in the All-Japan, in the Enshin Folder.

Sensei Ralph  Rhoads

Enshin Tuscon Dojo
Don Buck School of the Tiger
Guang-Ping Tai-Chi
Don Buck School of the Tiger Li Po and Ananda Guang Ping Tai-Chi







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