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Anyone wanna be a star?

This is our new "The Silver Splitter" casting and audition page.

Here's a picture of Rosemary, a room-mate's squeeze (David, I think) while I lived on Truman Drive in Novato. (Or hell, on the water in Bahia? Where was I in '96?)

We'll be posting a few more pictures of this beautiful woman in our modeling folder, too.

Chris finally bought one of those thingamajigs that scans film negatives into digital files, and it works great! Now we have hundreds of images we haven't seen in years to go through and possibly post.

We'll also be casting three principal actors: Susan, Harvey and Jessup, and three secondary characters: The Nurse (also a main character in a possible sequel) Constance (at the restaurant and casino), and The Waitress at the first casino.

We'll get our first impressions via video tests. How? We haven't quite decided yet.

Although we'll be soliciting tests here, and working with SAG-AFTRA, too.

beautiful Rosemary










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