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Here's much better MC Vlog 2, you'll have to look for now-embarrasing MC Vlog 1 in the wayback machine.

(Or did we remember to remove it?)

BTW, all ambiance and effects were recorded on the back deck--that's not tape hiss, it's North Cache Creek.

Spurred by an agreement with a famous composer to license his music for the first time ever for the soundtrack, we're committed to producing "The Silver Splitter" at the beginning of 2023, Covid or not.

We've hired George Rush, to form a company to pursue equity funding as well as crowd funding.

We're playing around with internet formats so this .mov file is in "Academy Format," 16x9, although we have a new video in production that will be full screen.

Tell your friends, and, show a little respect to pithy.


Chris 'Splaining

Musser Communications 1st video log








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