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Here's our first promotional vlog.

We'll post a professional version in the future, but decided to release a rough take because, with the smoke, fire danger and heat, it may be a while before we can get one out.

This also offers the opportunity to display a ground-floor level of expertise, from which we can only get better!

It's also sincere, and begs the question, Can a 70-year-old man with brown teeth become an influencer on the Internet?

Actually, we're already influencing thousands of people with the visitation to our website; the submissions of our writing to everyone from "The Atlantic" to "Poetry" and "The New Yorker," as well as reconnecting with many past friends in the film industry.

And we're convinced to post rough by a facebook quote Chris saw by an old friend, Craig Good, sound designer for "Clues," who worked for Lucasfilm and Pixar and teaches film making--

The One Commandment of filmmaking:

Thou shalt not be boring!

Chris 'Splaining

Musser Communications 1st video log






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