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We start shooting MC Vlog3, another "The Silver Splitter" promotional video on Monday, with a little help this time from a friend with a lot of AV and Stage experience, who lives nearby.

It'll be in the can by Friday the ninth, and probably edited and posted within the next week or two after that--we hope it entertains you as much as it does us, writing and rehearsing it.

Immediately after that we'll be publishing our latest tune, "Cover Songs."

And by that time we should have more pics of fishing in Indian Valley Reservoir, down nine miles of bad road on a side-by-side.

We've got portable solar, batteries, and a couple camp stoves, so if we break an axle (just kidding, Lord), we plan on catching fish for dinner and watching old Hill Street Blues episodes on an Ipad until someone picks us up--


pic of Bon Tempe lake, man on point

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