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We promised you a few more pics of Rosemary, a past roommate, and we found a couple great rolls of 35mm negatives to scan in our new Kodak mini-scanner, so it's been hard to winnow down to just five or so.

But they've been added to our "Models" page. This must have been preparing for the shoot, as that's grandmother's marble-top dresser in the backround along with one of my first computers on top of a desk my brother, Michael, made and gave to me.

This would have been when I was master tenant of the Roundhouse on Harkleroad Hill near where I grew up in Novato. Flip a switch on the wall and it would rotate 270 degrees, slowly and silently--just amazing!

And BTW, we're just getting started; boy, do we have lots of pics to post (although just a few of each former subject) . . .

In What's New is one of Chris' first poems, "Games of Innocence." It was first published in the 1970 College of Marin Mariner, on page 70.

On "The Silver Splitter" front, we're hoping to enter a negotiation with a Lake County Resort for our primary location, although that information will be closely held; find out who it is when the picture comes out--


Rosemary in Roundhouse

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