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Spurred by the clips we've seen lately on YouTube of Tom Hank's "Greyhound," we've decided to post (and finish) "Torpedo Junction," a screenplay about the war for the Atlantic in WWII started with a co-writer who made 40 trips across as Master or Exec, including 10 into Murmansk, Russia, and who was in the English Channel on D-Day refueling landing craft.

He was also the youngest Merchant Marine Captain in history when he graduated from the Pennsylvania Schoolship Academy (27), although he was beat a year later by his younger brother, Jimmy, who became port captain of New York for 30 years for Texaco Refineries.

When he was converted from a Merchant Marine Skipper in 1944 by action of the War Department into a United States Naval Reserve Officer, he became the oldest (amd most experienced) Lieutenant in the Navy at 30-years-old.

Who was that man?: Dad.

He's gone now, but this is another story I promised to finish, and like ir or not, Tom, we were first.

And although I had wanted a story about the skipper of a destroyer, like Tom, my father advised that the war for the Atlantic was the story of the Canadian Navy's Flower-Class Corvette and the U. S. Naval Armed Guard.

So here is as far as we got, although I have extensive notes from a man who refused a Bronze Star for ramming a U- boat with his T2 tanker.

RIP, Dad.

Executive Officer John F. Musser

Torpedo Junction
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