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The Promise of Swimming

Recently we received an email from Michael Dylan Anderson, a colaborator on "The Silver Splitter," and proprietor of, that his grandfather has died.

Michael Anderson (Senior) was a 5-tour Navy SEAL, a team mate on the Novato High School Swimming and Diving Team in the mid 1960's, a contributor of a nugget in Chapter Nine, a father and grandfather, and lifetime friend.

In years of research on the history of different martial arts it seems to me most warrior cultures would agree; living by the sword means dying by the sword, but a virtuous man dies in his sleep.

Michael died in his sleep in his own bed, in his own house, surrounded by his family.

RIP Michael Anderson, and thank you for your service.

We're looking for a couple of high school yearbooks that may have pictures of Michael, me, and the rest of the team, and when and if we find one, we'll post it here.


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The Promise of Swimming









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