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The Silver Splitter


We're starting over (again).

Due to creative differences, we've parted ways with our erstwhile director (althougth we hope we'll remain friends).

And we're thinking about shooting this turkey with a couple of Pocket 4Ks and people we already know, for dirt cheap (and own it all) in the next couple of months.

With DaVinci Resolve, and the cloud this could all happen in time for 2020 MVFF.

We can write the music (some of that already done) and record it with local professionals.

We're close to finising a novel and about to re-record our popular music--and finish the script, too--so we have lots to do.

Here's a tune we may use in the soundtrack, "A Long, Long Time."


Reb Surrender

Chris Musser
The Silver Splitter
Song "A Long, Long Time"
"The Silver Splitter" "A Long, Long Time"






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