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The Silver Splitter

We're still on pace for a Indiegogo campaign to fund "The Silver Splitter" for (late) 2023 release.

We'll need to "sell" 400 or so perks, depending on any equity interest (one millionaire with pocket change).

We already have commitments for a couple hundred or so talking to old friends on the phone for a few hours, and if we crowd fund we get to own it all.

We're planning to shoot in Autumn, after a 35-day Indiegogo campaign to end in or before August. And we won't be scheduling for rain. It'll be more current to talk about how dry everything is--dust storms?

Casting coming very soon.

Here's another final draft, renumbered according to the edited material.

And a tune we wrote that we may use in the soundtrack, "A Long, Long Time."

BTW, we won't be using social media, although we will buy a burner cell and throw it away after the shoot.

Just to prove you don't need them to make a feature film.

The people who buy it can promote it any way they want to. However, hiring an actor because they have more "hits" than another is what's wrong with Hollywood--it eliminates originality statistically, and those data are easily manipulated.

Oh yeah, we're also considering changing Korg's name, because it's so commonly used now (a trend we helped set in 1987 with the publication and distribution of our short story, "The Silver Splitter.")

We're thinking of having a contest, and giving a free perk to the winner.


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