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This is "The Silver Splitter" Perks Page.

When crowdfunding, it''s customary to give a contributor something to acknowledge their gift.

Usually an autographed DVD or one-sheet, etc.

However, like everything else we do, we want people who believe in us to get something of value in return. So, we're approaching artists we know to create a one-sheet (27" x 41") sized invitation with the suggested verbiage in the pic, in a flowery script you will have to be close to to read, on framable parchment shipped in an insured, protective tube.

Ref: MC_Vlog_2 for more information.

The invitations will be numbered (get in quick for the lowest, and therefore most valuable numbers) and be a limited edition (400+) that we hope will become a collector's item after the film's successful release.

For only $125 you'll also get a signed copy of Bill Kimberlin's "Inside the Star Wars Empire, a Memoir," that features me on pages 14-15, as well as a signed DVD of "Clues" that features Bill as negative cutter.

We're really going to have the party, too--it'll be the wrap party for "The Silver Splitter," and your perks number will be your free invitation, food and camping on us.

Be there or be square--


Alien Themed Sex Party Invitation









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