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We just posted our first (rough) music video of an original tune, "My Favorite Dream." It's in our first vlog in What's New?

And although we need another mic and more practice, recording into our BlackMagic Design 4K Pocket Cinema Camera or connecting our Tascam DR-40 and syncing with our video are both viable options to easily and cheaply, record professionally in stereo and be able to distribute that content on the Internet.

One of the best parts of the whole process is playing my guitar, specifically older brother John's first guitar, that he gave me after I hocked my Martin D-35 and never went back for it (long story).

Boy, did he buy a nice instrument--it's a Lyle, and a well made knockoff of a Gibson Hummingbird.

And it's 50 years old now, and sounds like everything has fused together perfectly. I can take it out of the case after weeks at a time and it's still in pefect tune.

My research on the Internet shows it's considered by some to be "jangly" and "brassy."

Shades of Tom Waits and Willie Nelson's "Trigger!"

Thank you John, there'll be a lot more great original music content coming from it soon!

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