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Songs for the Ex. Vol. I


We're excited about our upcoming album of original tunes: "Songs for the Ex. Volume I," written in appreciation for, and consternation about, our former MBGITW.

Chris is rehearsing, cleaning up the material and adding new tunes, and should be done by late '21 or so

As part of this process, we're trying to slow things down and elevate the tone a little bit; after all, it is time to move on.

But we want everybody to know we look at popular song writing as a way to express anger in a creative and non-destructive way. Love songs are about not getting what you want.

And heck, you can't drive down their street, roll down your window and yell at 'em, can you?

Nope. They won't let you do that!

my feet

Wolf Creek Blues
I Wasn't Ready for Paradise
The Song of You and Me
In Love with You Again
Skimming Leaves