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Musser Communications designs websites and social media campaigns.

We prefer working in the Wordpress environment, building user-customizable websites for under $1,000.

We've held MCSE, CCNA, and CNA certifications, managed IT departments, and worked for a local website-building powerhouse,, so we can handle the technical requirements of your job, coming in on time and budget with the look you're looking for.

We did all the photography for Stevens Interiors and much of it for our other websites, too.

We've deleted Funtopia Toys and The Venue at Camp Indian Meadows, as the owners have let them lapse.

NOTE: Highland Senior Center is no longer our design, you can find our version on the wayback machine.

Looks like they've hired someone to create another wordpress site; we suspect that's costing more than the $15 a month ours did, and hope they can overcome the dealbreaker for Chris: their delivery of current schedules and activities.

We registered their domain name and built the first version of their website, volunteer, same as the Spring Valley Lake POA.

And by refusing to update the Home Page (a cut and paste) in years, it's lost much of its effectiveness.

However, the saving of $5,000 a year for printing and mailing the POA's required newsletter is what I was asked to create a website for. And it looks like they're mailing the newsletter again; who knows?

Lookiing up Back Porch Morning

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Highland Senior Service Center
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