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Chris is slowly re-recording his repertoire.

Meanwhile here's twenty or so reasonably competent recordings of original tunes that will be upgraded over time.

If anyone every throws money at us, we'll provide professional recordings, too.

We're glad Chris finally got off his duff and recorded, "(Won't You) Help Me Find My Beer?' Find it in Songs For the Ex.

And we're going to start streaming a few cover tunes we like, just like on the early albums we listened to from people like Ramblin Jack Elliot, Judy Collins, Townes Van Zant, etc.

We'll start on that soon.

New! The hardest song Chris has ever written, "Let's Give It Another Go."

(The pic is from the Pawnee Fire in 2018!)


Fire on the ridge pic

My Favorite Dream
Thank You So Far, Jesus
Roses in Summer
Who Knows?
She Loves Me More than You Did

She Loves Me More than You Did









Your Leg Over Mine
"Amazing Waves of Love"
"I Just Can't Wait to Fall Asleep at Night"
"Tara,s Song"
"A Long, Long Time"

A Long, Long Time








This Charade tune
When Dorothy Comes Home
I'll Only Hurt for A While
Choose What You Get
I Can Only Think of You

I Can Only Think of You