Musser Communications


We've been doing IT for 40 years, and sales almost as long.

We've also had notable land management experience, as well as experience in the water.

From traveling the country to install production systems for Levi Strauss, recommending and installing new software for the City of Sonoma and Amex Life Assurance, to QA work for Wordstar and Symantec, selling co-location solutions for and staffing a WAN helpdesk for GE, to selling accounts and developing for BitSculpter, and managing the IT Dept. at Harbin Hot Springs, we've never shied away from a new challenge in IT.

Chris has also lived on Angel Island, wore the uniform and badge of the NPS in Muir Woods, managed 2,500 acre Camp Tamarancho for the BSA, and was the first and only resident caretaker of Skywalker Ranch.

Chris is seeking part-time work while he looks for funding for "The Silver Splitter."


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