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I was a student at Mark Hawkin's Hidden Valley Kajukenbo Dojo, an outlet of Mark Tyrrell's Napa MMA Dojo for about a year while I worked at Harbin and before moving to Spring Valley.

One of the style's founders visited while I was in the Dojo but I never met him, although I wish I had.

Here's a link to the Tyrrell Dojo's facebook page.

This training filled in my on-the-ground techniques and furthered my education in joint locks and throws.

Kajukenbo stands for Karate, Judo & Jujutsu, Kenpo and Boxing, and the Hawaiian founders developed the style for street fighting.

I also took a couple semesters of defense tactics from Jim McGowan at C.O.M. where my mother taught swimming and several years of Chen Tai-Chi from Virgil Rogers at West Marin Martial Arts in Fairfax CA.

Of course It's always a good start when you have a man like Ralph Cutler teach you wrestling in P. E. for three or four years, too.

Heck, maybe they'll let me teach Tai-Chi in Spring Valley after the pandemic is over. They can keep the money, it'll help me stay in shape!

Photograph courtesy Tyrell Dojo facebook page.

Tyrrell Academy Kajukenbo pic

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