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Guang Ping Tai-Chi


Guang Ping is a flavor of Yang style Tai-Chi Chuan from Hunan province in China.

I took classes from Li Po (then Tom Brayne) and later from both him and Ananda for three years at different venues in Marin County.

Tom could touch his chin to his straight-leg toes (although he wasn't double-jointed), could hold either leg straight out to the side for minutes with out wavering, and once pushed me 40 feet in the air while pushing hands with him in a park in Greenbrae.

I remember landing softly, turning around and wondering why he looked so far away.

He also studied in Chen village (were Tai-Chi was born), and with several San Francisco-based Tai-Chi masters.

The book should still be available online for a reasonable (< $20) price.

Search on Guang Ping Tai-Chi form and applications, and Tai-Chi Chin Na, if you're interested in the possibilities.

Wave Hands like Clouds Guang-Ping Tai-Chi








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