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"Clues" Soundtrack

Find here music from the original soundtrack to "Clues," that premiered first at College of Marin and soon after in the 1984 Mill Valley Film Festival, featuring one of the very first (before MTV!) original music videos, "I've Been Investigating Your Love."

To watch the video, you can click on the Youtube posting below, the song and video start at 6 minutes in.

The sound track was recorded at Hun Sound In San Rafael by Larry May, the musicians are T. A. Garsva, Peter Penhallow, Burt Tschache, and Bill Wright, and if I remember correctly, the CLUES Piano Fill, almost an afterthought, was a 5-minute ask of Peter Penhallow, as we were getting ready to leave the studio at 5 in the morning.

Two deer crossing North Cache Creek

CLUES Piano Fill
"Suspicious Moves" by Moonlight
Cleland Lake pond








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