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We were recently perusing our library, looking for a stage play or two that Chris remembers writing in the past but has forgotten the name(s) to.

Lo and behold, we came across an old script (from 1986!) that's an adaptation of "The Best Gift of All" radio play for the stage.

This was written by Chris and John M. Weldon around the time of the production of the radio play that John narrated (found on another page of this site).

Here it is. We are left, anew, to rue the passing of such a prodigious talent, and fine human being, of John M. Weldon.

And we've recently added "The Silver Splitter," on the advice of a media friend who said it would make a great Black Box Theater project.

Another play, "Pockets," is in progress and will appear here soon.


Cabo Cathedral Christ and Child

The Best Gift of All (for stage)
"The Silver Splitter"








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