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The Best Gift of All

Here, in time for Christmas 2023, is "The Best Gift of All," a 22-minute radio play describing the trials devoted brothers must endure to be able to celebrate Christmas together at home.

Authored by Chris Musser, performed by John Weldon and produced by Bill Wright, it is accompanied by Burt Tschache and Peter Penhallow.

Jacket design by Greg Brown of Abalone Design Group.

Instead of chopping this in half and charging people for a CD to hear the whole thing, we've decided to take a different approach: this would make a great film, wouldn't it? We'll be working on a script in between all the other projects we're working on.

I wish I would've mentioned church, but as a former Catholic altar boy, I forgot to . . .

Merry Christmas!

New--from Christmas 2020: "Happy Covid Christmas," a carol from the heart, mouth and nose.

The Best Gift of All

The Best Gift of All
Happy Covid Christmas







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