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Modeling and Portraits

We're posting multiple images shot long ago, mostly with signed model releases, all scanned 35mm prints or negatives originally taken with a Nikon FG, a couple nice lenses and Kodak film, usually processed and printed by Chris at the Darkroom in San Rafael.

Here's five new pics of Sarah Atherton in a stunning blue dress.

These images are "Artistic Impressions," examples of the work of Christopher J. Musser and not to be considered endorsements of him and/or Musser Communications.

We will do our best to seek out the people in the photographs after all this time, for their express permission in the few cases where we don't already have that or can't find a signed release.

We will only post complementary photographs.

We will also remove any images requested within 24 hours at our email address:, by the holder of the publishing rights--absent a signed release or other agreement, the model(s).

And if you do visit and see your image, please call or email and we'll ask you for your continuing permission and support, email all the digitized images from your shoot(s), and hell, take more pictures if you want, too!

We've started posting images from the 1987 Miss Marin contest--maybe 20 or more before we're done.

Brother Michael, a recently returned from the far east U. S. Navy combat photographer and member of the Big Brother organization, one of the pageant sponsors, got me the gig (and loaned me the camera).

Oh yeah, we just found a few rolls of negatives from a "Mr. Marin" body building contest, sponsored by a local (Kentfield?) gym, I think, taken around the same time.

We'll be posting a few of those soon, too--



Sarah Head Shot


Sarah in blue dress #1
Sarah in blue dress #2
Sarah in Blue Dress #5
Sarah in Blue dress #4
Sarah in blue dress #3