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We're almost ready to shoot "The Silver Splitter," although we've taken on another screenplay project that was started years ago, that we are spurred to finish by watching Tom Hank's "Greyhound."

Read an early draft of "Torpedo Junction" in What's New?

There's a new poem there, too: ""Chalk Mountain Sunset."

"The Promise of Swimming" is pretty much done except for nuggets; so we're concentrating on "The Complete Poetry of Christopher J. Musser, Volume I," and "The Seal of Kunduon."

This should be the last update before posting our first comedy video, "Words Matter."

There's a new website we've just built in What's New?:

We've started a new tune, "There Might be Nine Survival Uses for Pine Sap, but I Depend on You." Hear it here soon.


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What's New?







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