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As promised, we're posting a few more scanned negatives from past photographic efforts, featuring a former creative partner, Sarah Atherton, Co-Star of "Clues," who is now living in paradise with her husband and family. See more new pics of Sarah on our Modeling and Portraits page.

And we've experienced a number of challenges getting Vlog3 out, managing to screw things up enough to have to start over, due to issues related to transferring video files to some big un-Black-Magic-Design-sanctioned thumb drives causing them to go away, and losing most of our work.

Amateur errors--we should probably hold a trial (and vote to convict)!

The good news? We won't do that again, and will be re-recording Vlog3 (almost fifteen minutes long), soon.

Happy Holidays to everyone. And since 'tis the season yet again (where did the year go?), here's "The Best Gift of All."

We're praying for Peace on Earth, because at this point, prayer seems to be all we've got.


Sarah in blue 1


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The Best Gift of All
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