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We'll probably do a minor rewrite of "The Silver Splitter," to provide at least a reference to "pandemic" (or have the actors wear masks!)"

However, we're ready to shoot that turkey, as soon as things "normalize."

There's a new poem in What's New?, "The Book," as well as Chris's "Top Ten Pandemic Tips."

"The Promise of Swimming" is pretty much done except for nuggets; so we're concentrating on "The Complete Poetry of Christopher J. Musser, Volume I," and "The Seal of Kunduon."

We're now very, very close to posting our first comedy video, "Words Matter."

There's a new website we've just built in What's New?:

We've started a new tune, "There Might be Nine Survival Uses for Pine Sap, but I Depend on You." Hear it here soon.


Napa Valley towards Calistoga

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