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Regarding vaccine hesitancy and postponing "The Silver Splitter" for a year:

We're finishing "The Seal of Kunduon." It's going so well, within a week or two we'll post a new version of the first 10 Chapters, regretfully having to take into account the rapidly accellerating rate of global warming for the near future.

And we're finishing a timeline, so we'll know exactly what happens and when, and you can rely on the dates in the manuscript for your planning purposes.

Meanwhile, there's a new poem, "Like a Blotter," and a new choral piece in What's New, with a performance of Mozart's "MIssa Solemnis K 337."

And we're almost done with "There Might be Nine Survival Uses for Pine Sap, but I Depend on You!"



Campground trees and shadows

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