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In What's New? please find the latest draft of the first 10 chapters of "The Seal of Kunduon," with a more recent take on where this world is heading in the next 100-1000 years. (Hint: it's not always pretty.)

We're making good progress on finishing the novel, hopefully by the end of the year.

And spurred by an agreement from a famous composer to license his music (for the first time ever) for "The Silver Splitter," we've hired George Rush: to form a company to pursue crowd funding and equity financing for a production to shoot for 30 days in January to March 2023, Covid or not.

Shooting for MVFF (late June), Sundance (September) or SFIFF (early December) 2023 submission deadlines.

We've finished "There Might Be Nine Survival Uses for Pine Sap, But I Depend on You!" We'll post it as soon as we get a good recording.


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