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Happy New Year!

Although the future seems to hold more challenges every day, we're cautiously optimistic 2024 will be a better year than 2023 for Musser Communications, including finally shooting "The Silver Splitter," now that the pandemics, Hollywood strikes and personal health issues are finally over (for now!)

We've also finished another tune, "Cover Songs," and will be posting it as soon as we can get a decent recording.

We're about to take another swing at 15-minute-long Vlog3, with the addition of lots of disk space to accommodate the video takes we need, and with a recent lighting, sound and camera check that went very well. Look for it in the next 30-60 days.

We're also still praying for Peace on Earth, and we're going to keep doing that, even though evil abounds, just like it always has.

And if you watch this 60-minutes episode, maybe you'll get off of Social Media, and rejoin the human race while we still can:


Darkening  Chalk Mountain pic


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