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Great Tidings!

We finally got to speak with a real Verizon support professional about our frustration porting our Home & Primary Business Phone to their network.

We've been literally praying to get this solved for months now, and apropros, the tech is a smart hispanic from the El Paso area of Texas, with the first name "Jesus!"

So you can now reach Chris on his home phone. Leave a message and I'll return the call within 24 hours if I want to.

Oh yeah, the problem? speaking with Jesus, I found out 20-odd Verizon hacks in various countries of this world, some who I couldn't even understand, hadn't updated a database checked by my connection with the new SIM card they sent me--maybe 25+ hours of my time I'll never see again. Look for a resolution letter to their CEO I'll be creating soon.

There's a new poem in "What's New:" What Flagler Got."

We're about to record "Cover Songs," and take another swing at 15-minute-long Vlog3, Look for it in the next 30 days.

And we still think you should watch this 60-minutes episode, get off of Social Media, and rejoin the human race:


Grass in rock in stream


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