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Chris has been kicked off facebook.

The notice reads: "Christopher Musser
We suspended your account ON JUNE 14, 2022 Your account, or activity on it, doesn’t follow our Community Standards."

I have 30-days to disagree with their decision and I have to buy a cell phone for them to text me a passcode to do that.

Only because it's the most corrupt and dangerous communications platform in history, and I've been using it to tell my "friends" that.

I wonder what took them so long?

Good riddance, they can stick it where the monkey stuck the peanuts.

The good news? My real friends will realize I'm not their checkbox, and they can call or email me any time they want to.

The bad news? I'll forget all your birthdays.

And I'll miss all the beautiful young women from places like Russia, Africa and the Middle East who can't write English but want to "friend" me all the time (or exchange photos).

If you want to know what I'm doing, come here, where I'll post regular "updates" about social networking and they can't stop me.

The picture is of a doe by the side of the road on our fishing trip who obviously just dropped a fawn, 'cause she wouldn't move when we passed by.

Not a virtual doe, a real one.


picture of a doe by the side of hje road

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