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The Seal of Kunduon

We're hard at work finishing "The Seal of Kunduon." There's thirty-five chapters done, and another ten roughed out, and although we're writing as often as we can, it looks like it may take months, or more, while we work on "The Silver Splitter."

The first ten chapters are featured here, although as we close in on completion, they will be rewritten and re-ordered.

It's impossible to write science-fiction in such a quickly changing age, and we're already correcting from an imagined more fortuitous future, not that long ago, before the effects of Global Warming started hitting us so regularly.

Hell, now Geoffrey Hinton says we might only have 5 years before AI takes control, so I guess I better hurry up!


Chalk Ridge Moon

"The Seal of Kunduon"






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