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We've written (or co-written) more than 20 screenplays through the years. One of them, "Clues," was produced, and screened at the 1984 Mill Valley Film Festival.

Two projects, "The Silver Splitter," and "Falling," are ready to shoot and will be produced soon.

"The Silver Splitter" is undergoing a rewrite, athough it's already past 60 pages, qualifying as a feature.

"Summerfun" is a future project, and "Burning Love," is here because it's one of our favorites.

New! A post of an older collaboration with Rhonda Toppel, "Kids, Kats and Dogs," correctly predicting the rise of the Internet and solar energy, and with a brilliant comediic take about raising children, mostly from Rhonda.


Cabo Tequila Resort

The Silver Splitter
Burning Love
"Kids, Kats and Dogs"






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