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We have been submitting over 100 un-published poems to quality venues.

But we've decided to go out on our own, now that we've reached our majority, and only publish poetry here.

We've tried to mitigate the lack of income from the sales of our poetry ($0.00 so far) by working hard for The Man for 50+ years so we are now reasonably ensconced with Social Security Retirement.

(Of course, Chris would certainly entertain publishing in a journal of note if invited).

So, there's no problem anymore withholding some of our best efforts in the pursuit of pecuniary recompense. It's literally the end of an era, and the entire staff wants to thank Chris for all his money making efforts in the past.

So, here's "Poetry" and "Boukevard," "80 Drivers," and the indubitable "Royal We"

Here's "Harbin," written before I worked for them.

We finally finished "Ellipsis;" here it is, too, along with "The Book," "Chalk Mountain Sunset," and fairly recently authored "Whips in the Temple."

Oh yeah, "Green Bead," and "Like a Blotter," too.

Here's "Pumpkin Ridge," and "Games of Innocence," and "EST."


Cabo Cathedral Ceiling

"Like Me by You"
"Connie's Wish"
"A Chosen Night"
"When Time"