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We're currently submitting over 100 un-published poems to quality venues, the result of discovering a leather book bought at the Black Point Renaissance Faire years ago, with 99 pages of original poetry, that Chris forgot he had written.

A problem has been, you weren't able to see them here because most venues won't consider them if they were already on the Internet (i.e. published). Here's the good news:

We've selected only a dozen of the best venues to submit to, and after they've all rejected a poem, we'll publish it here.

There are fans of Musser Communications, over 2,500 a month, from all over the world (Montserrat!), who deserve to see our latest stuff.

So, here's "Poetry" and "Boukevard," "80 Drivers," and the indubitable "Royal We"

Here's "Harbin," written before I worked for them.

We finally finished "Ellipsis;" here it is, too.


Cabo Cathedral Ceiling

Like Me by You
Connie's Wish
A Chosen Night
When Time